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Hi and welcome!

This  blog is about starting up and working a small design business, make up and knitting.
The girl behind the wheel of this operation is 31 and lives in the forest outside Uppsala in Sweden together with the cats Pharus and Shira and her lovely boyfriend M.

A short summary of my skills:
I’m a professional seamstress who has studied tailoring, designing and  pattern making in Borås.Until february 2009, I worked as a designer and pattern maker at a small company in Stockholm, but decided to quit and start my own business when I got an offer I could not refuse 😉

Now I am starting up my own brand Lithia Black, and are also offering custom made clothing for any occasion. I’m really into historical clothing and if offered such a project I will research my brains out to make it as accurate as possible.

Contact me here:

info(at)lithiablack . se

Nice too meet you!

/Lithia Black

PS. I have plans to make this blog bilangual, but for the moment the post are only in Swedish. DS


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  1. Eva januari 19, 2009 den 19:43 #

    It will be very interesting to follow your work with your buissness! Many warm congratulations to you and Good Luck-wishes!
    Your friend Eva (not so very good at english as you can tell…);-)

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